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Electronic Communications Disclosure: BFA Wealth Management (BFA) communicates frequently with our clients and prospective clients via electronic means including, but not limited to, email. The security of your information, and your privacy, are critical to our firm. BFA takes every precaution to keep our electronic communications free from sensitive information. We remind all those with whom we communicate not to send BFA private or confidential information electronically. If you need to deliver sensitive data to us, we will provide you with secure means for transmission. Please note that BFA cannot under any circumstances accept instructions for trading or other money movement via email. As we are a Registered Investment Advisor, emails to and from BFA are subject to inspection by our firm’s Chief Compliance Officer, as well as state regulators. If you believe that you have received an email from BFA in error, we ask that you please notify the sender immediately, in addition to destroying the email and its contents including any attachments.

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