Meet Our CEO, Mateo Dellovo

As CEO of BFA Wealth Management, Mateo Dellovo is responsible for creating the policies, strategies, and partnerships that make our firm stand out as a premium provider of financial services to successful professionals in complex industries. By working directly with individuals as a Private Wealth Advisor and Financial Planner, Mateo is able not only to give his clients the personal attention and financial insight that embody our firm’s mission, but to use the experience of maintaining these relationships to inform the direction of our company.

Mateo took a very early interest in investment management, studying financial markets exhaustively in order to build a substantial portfolio before even graduating from high school. He leveraged the strength of his portfolio and the knowledge he gained in creating it to diversify his holdings into endeavors including real estate investment, ownership of a successful media company, and a career serving high-net-worth individuals as a Private Wealth Advisor. Mateo's extensive experience enables him to skillfully lead BFA's diversified investment strategy.

After learning how many people close to him had made financial mistakes due to misinformation or misdirection, Mateo knew that he wanted to create a firm that would exist solely to provide unbiased advice and comprehensive fiduciary services. BFA Wealth Management was built on Mateo's core principles as a financial advisor - insight, integrity, and understanding.

Mateo studied financial planning at Boston University, as well as business and economics at Worcester State University. He currently resides in the Boston area when he isn't traveling the country to spend time with his clients in person. You can reach Mateo by email at or by phone at 800-774-6965.