Comprehensive financial planning with an uncommonly human focus


At BFA Wealth Management, we know that the only way we can offer our clients the level of service they deserve is by actively maintaining genuine, personal relationships with everyone we earn the honor to work with. We pride ourselves on providing an uncommonly human experience, and we would love to welcome your family to ours.

BFA Wealth Management is a boutique firm by design, committed to providing financial planning and wealth management services tailored to the intricacies of our clients’ lives in a way that can only come from deep knowledge and true relationships. When you are our client, you can expect the peace of mind that comes from working with an unbiased advisor whose only motivation is to help you achieve success as you define it. We take great pleasure in helping you with all of your financial needs, and we’re always here for you. You’ve earned it.


Technology can make almost every aspect of modern life more efficient, but we firmly believe that nothing can replace human communication and personal attention. Rather than using technology to pass more work on to our clients and replace conversations with complex forms, at BFA Wealth Management we believe that the value of true relationships has no substitute.

We do employ cutting-edge technology, and we do provide each of our clients with a unique, secure web portal to monitor their investments and access powerful tools and resources. What we don’t do is use the power of the digital world to insulate ourselves from the people who matter most to us. We use these tools to augment our relationships, not to diminish them; we personally teach you how to use them, and if you ever have a question or need any help, you can always give us a call.


BFA Wealth Management was founded on the principles of unbiased advice and personalized service. We are a fee-only advisor, compensated only by our clients. To provide the integrity our clients deserve, we operate by strict fiduciary standards, free from outside interests and influences and unburdened by sales agendas or ulterior motives. We succeed only when you do.

We are thrilled to serve individuals and families from a broad array of backgrounds, though we do find that our unique approach and our expertise in handling concentrated positions of employer stock make us a great partner for executives and other key employees in the technology, healthcare, biotech, energy, and defense industries. If you would like to learn more about our unique approach, contact us today – we’d love to talk with you.

Your future is waiting. It doesn’t need to. Talk to a member of our team today and let us learn how we can help.

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