Frequently Asked Questions

Is BFA Wealth Management a true fiduciary?

YES. Our firm adheres to strict fiduciary standards, and was designed from the start to be free from outside interests, unbiased by gifts or incentives from third parties, and unburdened by sales agendas, quotas, or conflicts that could interfere with providing strategies and advice with you, and only you, in mind.


Does BFA Wealth Management receive commissions from brokerage firms or fund companies?

Absolutely not. BFA Wealth Management is a fee-only advisor, solely compensated by our clients. This approach ensures the complete objectivity of our planning and financial advice.


How can BFA Wealth Management deliver such personalized service to my family?

BFA Wealth Management is a boutique investment management and financial planning firm by design. We believe that a singular focus on client service, coupled with thorough market analysis and cutting-edge technology, allows us to serve our clients best. Although we are honored to serve clients from a variety of backgrounds, we find that our unique approach and our expertise in handling concentrated positions of employer stock make us a great partner for executives and other key employees in the technology, healthcare, biotech, energy, and defense industries. By being focused and relationship-driven, we are able to offer an uncommon level of understanding, education, communication, and service.


How can I monitor my investments?

BFA Wealth Management provides each of our clients with their own unique, secure online portal, available at all times. Through your web portal, you can see all of your investments – not just those you hold with BFA Wealth Management – including college funds, 401(k)s, and private equity investments. BFA updates the investment data in your portal daily to give you a current picture at all times, and we provide you with a detailed computerized analysis of performance, allocations, and other variables along with narrative comments every 90 days (delivered in the first two weeks of each quarter). You will also receive monthly statements from the custodian, and cost basis information as requested. Of course, if you ever have a question or just want to talk, you can always feel free to give us a call.


Does BFA Wealth Management really not require that I sell prior investment holdings?

BFA Wealth Management examines portfolio risks and diversification options, and are candid in our recommendations, but if you wish to continue holding existing stock, fund, or bond positions, for example due to embedded capital gains, you are welcome to do so. If you wish to retain some holdings, we will classify them in appropriate asset classes and either enter them into specific asset class allocations or leave them out of our recommendations.


Do I have to stop working with my current tax professionals or attorneys?

BFA Wealth Management maintains an experienced team of professional partners to assist our clients with a variety of needs pertaining to their financial matters and can provide you with a wide range of services, but we would never require you to terminate a relationship with someone you trust. With your complete financial situation in mind, BFA can watch over these relationships to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals and objectives – yours.


How are the investments in my accounts managed?

All of your account assets are held in your name, or in the name of entities you have created such as trusts and retirement plans. BFA Wealth Management does not take custody of your funds. They are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional, an industry leader in custody, safekeeping, and securities processing that is insured by the SIPC. BFA, the custodian firm, or any other parties cannot access or distribute funds from your accounts without your knowledge and expressed permission. BFA Wealth Management does request trading discretion in order to maximize the level of service we provide to our clients. Of course, your investments can and will fluctuate in value, and any investment carries some degree of risk, including risk of loss. BFA invests firm and personal capital in the investment strategies we recommend; our incentives are aligned completely with those of our clients.


Does BFA Wealth Management require an account minimum?

Our minimum is $250,000 across a family’s accounts, although we do make exceptions in some cases. Please call us to discuss.


Can BFA Wealth Management accept instructions for trading or other money movement by email?

No, we cannot. BFA Wealth Management takes every precaution to keep our electronic communications free from sensitive information. We remind all those with whom we communicate not to send BFA private or confidential information electronically. As we are a Registered Investment Advisor, emails to and from BFA Wealth Management are subject to inspection by our firm’s Chief Compliance Officer, as well as state regulators.


I have a question about something other than my portfolio; can BFA Wealth Management help?

Of course! We encourage all of our clients to reach out to us whenever they have questions about anything that could affect their family’s financial well-being. Please think of us first for any questions you might have, no matter how simple or complex they may be. We’re always here to help, and we would love to take your call.

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